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"The best BBQ tong I've owned, left it in the sun and rain for 6 months, still brand new!" - Daniel Fine

The Jack Sack

**1-2 week lead time (shipping included)**

Donkey Long Tong is proud to bring out the world's first leather bag made for your fire tools. Inspired by the hard working Donkey that has carried saddlebags of goods across the globe for centuries. The Jack Sack takes it name from the male Donkey called a Jack; tough, strong, humble and forever hard working. 

Our Jack Sacks are handmade in South Africa, just like all of our products. 


1x Handmade Genuine Leather Bag

1x Donkey Long Tong 32 inches

1x Donkey Tong 27 inches

1x Donkey Blower

**(excludes fire paddle/fire fan - still in prototyping phase)



Genuine leather (Tabacco Diesel)

Canvas (UV and water resistant)

Brass buckles, straps and D-rings

Shoulder Strap


$500.00 Sale Save

Get both, it's worth it