Our Story

The story of fire has been since for ever, ours began shortly after.

Border of South Africa & Namibia | 17th July 2021

De Hoop, Richtersveld

Three friends came together from across Africa to meet around a fire.

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Exploring simplicity

After years of camping trips, overlanding and countless fires all three friends were tired of burnt hands, broken tools and bent backs. Many stories around the fire sparked the concept of a 'long tong', but it was more than just a tong. It was the longest and strongest tong out there with a built in bottle opener for all the cold beers.

'long tong' needed a name

After a night of conversations around the fire all three friends discovered there was only one who embodied the values of; reliable, tough and hard working... the Donkey. Without cell phone signal and under the African sun the three friends drew in the sand. The mark of the Donkey started to appear as the hoof.

Donkey Long Tong logo

the hoof of the donkey

Heading home

Starting the brand

The long way home began through the west coast of South Africa with hours of ideas. One adventure leading to another, fire after fire, and countless DONKEY LONG TONG jokes, the three friends arrived back to Cape Town and the grind began.

Kitchen workshop

the first 300 tongs

The launch date was set: 24th September 2021 - Braai Day (a South African Heritage day where you get together around a fire). The three friends started making the tongs by hand on an AirBnb countertop, after some sleepless nights and more fires DONKEY LONG TONG successfully launched! A great way to celebrate South African Heritage.

As old as our own

Fire's story

Since forever.